A Digital World... Heritage Day

You may have heard it’s World Heritage Day today, where we band together internationally to talk about the importance of protecting and preserving our cultural sites and draw attention to their vulnerability.

With 3D scanning technology being a key part of AVM's offering, the digital preservation of historical monuments is on our minds - as well as Google's! Check out what they're doing in the 3D scanning space (with CyArk) here.

DID YOU KNOW? World Heritage Day is not the real name for 18th April - it’s actually called The International Day for Monument and Sites.

In our opinion, collaboration is a key. While having high tech scanning equipment and drones is great for companies with big budgets, when it comes to smaller structures and objects, users need something cheap and handy. Replicate 3D, the EU project we're part of, aims to serve the masses. 

The Replicorder is a mobile app we've built with our consortium partners which enables users to collaboratively scan and upload heritage objects, artworks and sculptures to a server. The app quickly produces digital representations in the form of 3D reconstructions of objects and their surroundings, which can then be added to by other users at any time, so we can all play a role in preserving artefacts we care about.

Follow @ReplicateProj on Twitter for news and updates on the application, and get in touch for a demo! 

AVM are also experimenting with viewing and sharing scanned objects in a curated virtual space. If you’d like to see an example of this go to replicate.livespaces.tv